Indian Muslims Should Stop Following Arabic Islam

May my Indian Muslims brothers and sisters get upset, but its true that they are deliberately and apparently trying to imitate radical version of Arabic Islam.

Saudi Arab has made Pakistan a terrorist State by making them follow their version of Wahhabi Radical Islam. This is what now Indian Muslims are trying to do from Saudi funding.

I want to say that don’t follow any faith blindly, do not unknowingly believe in what Muslim clerics say, and religious is not their copy right. You can also read Quran and interpret the meaning of versus. So why do you depend on these clerics to protect and preach your religion.

Whichever religion is, these clerics make people fear to blindly believe in their fake claim of religion.

This is such a beautiful Country of the Earth. You know India is being considered World Guru due to its old Vedic culture which is not related to any religion.

No matter what religion you follow but it must be adapted and assimilated in Indian culture. If you start imitating Arabic version of Islam just because it was born their then it will not be justice with your community.

Just see Muslims countries like Bosnia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan etc. Although they are total Muslims countries but their culture is not Arabic, their culture is like Russian and European due to their locality.

If they start following Saudi Islam then it will be justice with original culture. Why these countries are not engaged in conflict and terrorism. So I must say that Indian Muslims they must follow Islam as per Indian values and Indian version that may be called Sufi or Deobandi.