Two Beers and an Untold Number of Cookies
caroline beaulieu

caroline beaulieu’ is a beautiful name and your thoughts are beautiful too. It surprised me to read a Caucasian women talking in the tone that you have in this write-up. I would like to add that more and more Indian women are giving up such thoughts of taking care of her husband and making him happy..they are becoming more self-centric than the older generation. And so it pleased me read this article of yours, that not everyone is turning self-centered in this fast paced world.

That said i would like to say that i also have a wife (working in a day job) who thinks in a similar way. And i sometimes gets swayed due to various external influences in demanding more from her than what she is doing. After which she starts to count the number of tasks which she has done after coming from her office. Which then compels me to do some of household chores, which brings an occasional smile on her face and a ‘thanks’. Also would like to add that she is always the one to cook (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on her insistence, with me jumping a surprise once in a while.

To keep my comment short i would like to end with a comment that she had similar incident where her grand mother had scared her of men (to safe guard her modesty) and advised to stay away from them, which she did till her high school days when she eventually realised what the advise meant.

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