Changing face of part-time work for Computer Science undergraduate students and its implications…
Sanjiva Weerawarana

Just read your article about freelancing while on the job. In fact almost all my employees does it and it is a dilemma to say no or not to say no. Considering the financial situation of the country we have decided long time back that it is ok to do it as long as you full-fill the obligations of the regular job. As you said it might get in the way of doing the next big thing that will change the world. But in fact it has helped me to a certain extent where our techies can now handle people/customer demands and manage their own time well than before. Anyway I will be putting this article as recommended reading for my students at How to do online freelancing crouse I’m currently doing at (invite you to have a look smile emoticon ). There also I’m always pointing out that this is not a replacement for your main career. Just a help to get you pass the difficult time and done with it.

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