Hi, my name is Tony Sanjaya, a web developer, a super heroes enthusiast, father of Nauly Sanjaya, husband of Nevya Rizawa.

What do you do for living?

I make website and stuff. Currently I remote work as Web Analyst and Developer for Stampede Design, a Malaysian company.

Explain more..

I work as a web developer since 2010. My journey begin with plain PHP coding. And after that continue with WordPress until now. In the middle of it I also learned a bit about CodeIgniter. Currently, my responsibility is integrating HTML into CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, BigCommerce. I also have interest in Laravel and Javascript language (Angular and Vue). But still in Kuuga Growing form.

Kuuga Growing Form

What about your weapons?

After quiet sometime use Elementary OS, I have nothing against Elementary OS btw, it’s just sometime the bug is bugging me. If I have much time, that shouldn’t be a problem. I need a partner (lets call it a partner than a weapon) that understand me. Like Kamen Rider Black with his Battle Hopper!

Kamen Rider Black with Battle Hopper

Then after thinking quite sometime (read:saving) I choose MacBook Pro with retina display. For now this is a perfect partner for me. And also I have DELL P2314H for my external monitor, Sennheiser HD220 for the headphone, mouse Logitech M235 but currently more comfortable using trackpad.

Sublime is my main editor, although sometime I use Bracket, or visual studio code, but yeah sublime is my home I think. For task management I use Trello and PlainTasks. In office we use Basecamp for project management, Toggl for timer, and of course Slack for communicate.

What should I do if I want to contact you?

Light up the bat signal.

Bat Signal
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