Strategy in time and space

Decisions need analysis of current data, prognosis of how trends, so that one might act to reach an advantageous position. So how should you look at the world? Think of space and time. Space is the domain of all data and inputs your viewpoint radar is large enough to cover. It is the a static snapshot of the theatre of operations covering actors, their motives, their options for actions. Time can be thought of as the dynamics of interactions and consequences. How are your data points interrelated? How will the actions of person A affect Company B? Will trend C gather and grow or attenuate to inconsequence? As time flows, space changes.

Given enough time, space can be analysed to some degree of completeness. By that time, time has moved on though and the space has changed. The more complete your understanding of space, the more irrelevant it is from a perspective of time. Unless understanding is sought for its own sake.

On the other hand, projecting changes wrought through time, if based on a narrow area in space, or incomplete consideration of data, would be inaccurate and perhaps trivial. You might end correctly predicting an in significant outcome.

An actor, seeking to make decisions, and act on them, must filter space, identify or bet on only key variables and then attempt to project the future state of space.