Roadtrac Car Tracking Device and Its Working Features

The Brickhouse Security has been known in manufacturing different GPS tracking devices just like Roadtrac car tracking device. Using the GPS technology, Roadtrac will make it possible for owners to locate their cars or the person who are handed with the device. This also has a small structure which can be placed inside a pocket or inside the car. It will send out location reports in an interval of 15 seconds. RoadTrac is operated using a battery and is among the featured products of Brickhouse Security. Monthly subscription fee for this gadget is at $49 which will also allow you access the Bolt Server, which Brickhouse Security’s online service, to see the reports sent out by the device.

Roadtrac car tracking device also has a panic button that can be activated automatically for any emergency incidents. This signal will be received by the Bolt Server as part of the report. With this, it’s possible for you to locate the vehicle through the internet. You’ll not be lost in finding them as location maps will also be shown at the Bolt Server. In terms of price, this device is offered at $400, which is reasonable for among the best devices in the market. In fact, it can work in locating a vehicle on broad locations like forests or metropolitan areas.

As mentioned earlier, Roadtrac car tracking devices will send out a report signal every 15 seconds. If movement is not sensed within the said time frame, the device will be deactivated automatically. You have an option whether to host this tracking device on your own or use the Brickhouse Security services for the reports. Aside from the emergency report being posted online, a copy of the report can also be sent to your chosen contacts or alert the police once any emergency has occurred. This allows you to get the assistance that you need either from family members or the authorities. Without a doubt, the technology used by this gadget can’t be compared to what others have in terms of getting immediate reports as others would send out per minute signals while Roadtrac can it every 15 seconds.

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