Increasing user actions by personalising websites

The UX Problem

For websites, making specific elements salient to different users with right timing is a critical task. Given the vast heterogeneity in users’ needs and context, having a big static website serves no better than a Walmart Store would, to a housewife looking for a threading needle, were there no sales staff on the floor. To a user with dwindling attention span, finding the right product/information on the website might seem as complex as the income tax system — with no automatic filing in place to make the whole thing easy. Walmart solves the UX problem by deploying sales staff to guide customers when they need assistance and this, in no small part, helps sell more.

For websites selling evolved products like online courses, insurance policies, real estate, health care and of course consumer goods — where purchase funnel becomes all the more significant due to reduced cost of window shopping — having just an interactive online product catalogue with a payment gateway can’t cut it.

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