The mind of a runner

If you are into running, whether professional or recreational, you would know the trials and tribulations of a runner. Those early mornings when there is no one on the road but you or your group of crazy people. You might say you love running but at some point in each practice run you have this feeling of giving up. “Why the hell am I running?” is the most common thought that crosses your mind. This thought keeps raising its head time and again until you complete your quota of miles. Once the run is over you get a sense of satisfaction or high whatever you call it. That’s when you feel all the effort was worth it.

The most difficult step, if you are a runner, is getting out of bed. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned runner, you face this problem. An Olympic marathoner, when asked, “Don’t you feel like sleeping for some more time in the mornings?”, responded with, “Every single day.” Once you are out of the bed then you are set for running. You will have your highs and lows during each run but you will complete it more often than not.

Most of the runners I have met in my short running expedition have started running in their middle or late thirties. Is it because there’s not much skill required? or is it due to the fact that you don’t require a huge paraphernalia for running? I think their mind takes running as a challenge. There’s no external competition. They are competing with only themselves. Once they start participating in running events, they want to continuously improve their timing.

Among the recreational runners too you would find some fast runners and some really slow runners. The speed is immaterial. Whether you finish 95th or 110th, you still get a medal. Only the top 3, the podium finishers, would expect to get some monetary rewards in some events. All of them would get a toned body as a result of running provided they take some dietary precautions. There is a huge literature available on running effectively and injury free. What to eat and what not to eat is also prescribed by a lot of books and websites.

In the end it is the goal of self improvement, challenging oneself and to remain happy overall that leads people into running. Set your own pace and frequency of running and be a runner for life. You can do so only if you remain injury free.