Institute of marriage is very sacrosanct.A great marriage doesn't happen when the perfect couple gets together, it happens when an imperfect couple gets together and learn to enjoy each others differences. A happy marriage is nothing but union of two forgivers.

Can we not maintain the sanctity of this marriage by its rituals. If so called rituals are counterbalanced by the weight of money power than the very sanctity of marriage is endangered . Then it becomes showcase of financial power that defines the relationship. Within marriage, the union of two pure souls carries the promises that they are hoping to lead a life together of certain uncertainties and uncertain certainties and with that essence they carry forward the relations for years together .

But It is not the point here that how they plan their future course of life, the core issue that needs be addressed here is "how they enter into this bond". Extravagance Marriages in society is something a major cause of concern. As a result ,the majority of society is under duress of financial burden to flex their financial muscle irrespective of its strength.

Marriages of late are becoming a platform to showcase ones' financial strength over their peers and it is imperative to put a barrier across such identities whose basic motive is not the sanctity of marriage but a medium of showoff. If this is what can satisfy their inner ego then there are various ways available there to vent them out.

Can you remember a single extravagant marriage passed its prime of five or more years, the food they offered,the clothes you wore and the comforts you enjoyed. They all were ephemeral and were phased out with time. It is our power of forgetfulness that we are obvious subservient of. So it may be a better option to give back society is due than to spend a hefty sum in marriages. Don’t live on false happiness of satiating your alter ego ,strive for permanent happiness by way of giving. The power of giving is far greater than joy of receiving. 
Being in India ,there are thousand of options to pay back to society.

CHOICE IS YOURS.......... .
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