Freedom is far away

Today India celebrated 70 years of Independence day. So celebration was definitely called for. On the twitter saw a tweet about @rha_india doing a event called Mission1Million — trying to feed a million people on this day. Since we at MonkeyBox felt that this was great way to show our solidarity to the country, we jumped on and committed to serve for 1500 people. Entire chef team and our delivery team along with our sales team unanimously agreed to do this.

On the day, we came to know about the location DJ Halli and sent the food and our delivery guys were on time. We started later and went there thinking it was just another charity work and will finish the event and get back sooner.

But this was an eye opener. Never have I felt so depressed and helpless. Seeing people struggling to get a single day’s meal is really heart wrenching and cant be explained. Felt that God has given us everything and we have taken everything for granted.We don’t even blink our eyes to waste food.

Education is Far Off.

These pictures show that these people didn’t even have vessels or plates to carry the food. They had to use plastic covers and here we are talking about Celebrating Independence day.

I am not judging anyone but myself. We never valued food or for that matter anything as it was all so easily available for us. We are the Privileged Lot. We talk about our kids not liking most of the things and still make so much fuss about the food which is available for us. This looks like a Rant but I am deeply saddened. Caste, Creed, Education, Nothing matters when you don’t have anything to eat even for a day. I definitely don’t know what organisation Robin Hood Army is.. but would thank them for opening my eyes on the other side of the world which I was never aware of. Maybe we can all get this lesson learnt so that we can teach our kids prudence on every resources available for them and the value of those. Thats the day we would indeed Celebrate our Independence Day

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