Recovery Measures to Consider When Going Through Plastic Surgery

Over the years, the number of plastic surgeries taken place in India has much increased. Some say it the effect of being exposed to a super image-conscious lifestyle. But if you have decided to undergo a plastic surgery, you should focus on the recovery stage of the surgery as much as you focus on the operation process itself. So here are some essential steps you can take to ensure that you recover faster post-surgery.

1. Undergo the Surgery When Healthy
This is essential and is a no-brainier. Undergoing a surgery when you healthy means your immune system is also on a high-performance level resulting is fighting side effects and helping you with a speedy recovery. If you think you can improve your health by taking leaves from work, then do so.

2. Feed Yourself With The Right Nutrients
Supplementing your diet with high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, copper and zinc pre- and post-surgery will greatly increase your healing rate and build you a stronger immune system. This will also greatly reduce the chances of infections that may result due to the surgery. Such supplements are especially helpful in more comprehensive surgeries like facelift and liposuction.

3. You Need More Proteins
Proteins and calories are two very important elements in our bodies healing process. High intake of protein will help you build new blood vessels and tissues faster. High sources of protein like poultry, meat, legumes, beans, and fish are highly recommended by all experts.

4. No Drinking. No Smoking
You have probably heard this many times, but the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Alcohol is proven to suppress the body’s immune system and should be completely avoided a month prior and post the surgery. Similarly goes for smoking of consuming tobacco in any form. Smoke reduces the healing rate as it restricts a free flow of oxygen in the body. Consumption of tobacco also greatly increases the rate of complications during such a surgery. Living in India it is important to know that ethical plastic surgeons in Chennai and Bangalore have taken a stance not perform surgeries like facelift if the patient is a smoker because the chances of damaging the body part are extremely high. The same also goes for cancer hospitals in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and other major metropolitan cities in the country.

5. Relaxation Therapies
Having a relaxed mental state will keep you calm and enable you to go through the surgery without much anxiety and pressure. Listening to soothing music, spending time in prayer, or performing relaxation exercises can greatly help you in keep your anxiety and tension levels down. The importance of a stress-free mind cannot be stressed much enough.

Lastly, it is very important that you build a strong supportive circle of family and friends to encourage you and help you go through the procedure.

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