Best Plants for Indian Urban Balcony Gardens

From every day hustle –bustle, if something keeps me out of ambiguity its nothing but my favorite pastime that is –Gardening. A garden could be the best place to relax. Looking at my garden, the fond memories that flash into mind are the days when I used to spend hours together in my backyard picking every insect I come across. I had this strange habit of collecting insects, which after I grew up never understood the real reason behind it. However, one thing, which always fascinated my attention, was the huge yards we had back then and the length of vegetation that could be grown in it. Apart from just beautifying these yards with colorful flowers and ferns, we used to grow vegetables and fruits that accounts to the entire month supply.

Urban lives are devoid of those beautiful yards, but still can embrace this flamboyant foliage at your small space. No one can preclude you from having undoubtedly stunning balcony verdant space. Indian tropical climate is suitable for many plants that can beautify the ambiance of your small balcony. Start building your garden space with these species that can be grown in your urban space.

Marigold- In warm climates, Marigold is the best plant, which can be grown with very less maintenance. Being a pest repellent with attractive colors, this plant is one of the top most in my preferred Indian plants.

Fuchsia- Planning some exotic look for your balcony gets Fuchsia to grow hanging baskets. This shade-loving perennial looks stunning when grown in a hanging basket.

Gazania- This was the first plant I experimented to grow in my small balcony and the results are just amazing. I can hardy stop staring at this beauty. These sunny yellow daisies are Sanjeet Singh Veen favorite flowers, they bloom when the sun rises and closes early in the evening. It feels amazing when your hard work grows to be so elegant and beautiful. The attractive foliage and the bring flowers can just define the look of your garden space.

Petunia- Petunias are always said to be the top on the list of balcony flower plants as they grow easily and needs very less maintenance. Lots of sunlight, minimum water available in plenty of colors is certainly best among this category.