I can remember all the way back to a time when the word ‘Selfie’ didn’t exist, and I was happy.

Nonetheless, the front-facing phone camera has grasped today’s younger generation round the throat, and the peer pressures found on social media platforms mean kids nowadays are endangering their lives for an increase in “Likes”.

Just last Friday, Belgian tourist and retired physician, Françoise Guillaume, 68, died after suffering 85% burns when she accidentally backed into an active geyser in Chile.

A worrying new statistic has revealed that the humble selfie is playing its part in natural selection, as it has been proven that in recent years, more people have died from taking selfies than being attacked by sharks. Today, the scoreboard for this year was updated and is as follows;


Come on people.

Recent internet fads have seen people taking incredible risks for the perfect and exciting selfie. Posing precariously on cliff edges and taking a snap whilst driving have proven fatal for several people.

Remember, no matter what filter you use, a picture of your dead face will never look good.

And here are some of the curious and tragic ways people have died trying to take the perfect snap:

Medical student, Sylwia Rajchel, 23, fell 15ft onto a concrete platform after trying to take a picture on the ledge of the Puente de Triana Bridge in the city of Seville.

A schoolboy fell off a ninth-floor rooftop in Vologda Russia, after trying to take an ‘extreme selfie’ on a ninth-floor rooftop with his friend.

66 year old Japanese tourist, Hideto Uedo, died taking a selfie after he fell down some steps whilst visiting the Taj Mahal. He suffered a heart attack as a result of the fall.

Deleon Alonso Smith, a 19 year old father from Houston, Texas, accidently shot himself dead whilst trying to take a selfie with a gun.

North Carolina resident, Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, died in a head-on collision with a truck after uploading a selfie to Facebook whilst driving.

17 year old, Xenia Ignatyeva, plunged 30ft to her death whilst taking a picture on a railway bridge in Saint Petersburg. She tried to grab onto live wires and was hit with 1,500 volts of electricity.

After crossing a safety barrier atop a cliff in Portugal, a 5 and 6 year old watched as their Polish parents plummeted to their deaths after trying to take the perfect selfie.

As bizarre as these stories may be, they’re also tragedies. I think it’s time people started taking care of themselves, rather than their selfies.

Think that was bad? This poor fella almost died as a result of selfies AND sharks!

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