Facebook is an incredible platform which allows us to network, communicate and even meet potential employers, all over the incredible internet.

Facebook is also an opportunity for morons for get themselves fucking fired.

Remember, if you want to vent your frustrations about your boss or colleagues, it’s probably best doing that face-to-face with somebody, instead of posting it in a place where bosses and colleagues can read it.

But, if Facebook didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be able to laugh at five-star twats:

DON’T fuck around in the kitchen:

I hope those utensils were thoroughly cleaned…

DON’T tell your boss he doesn’t deserve you:

Well, he kinda got what he asked for…

DON’T post senseless poetry when you should be working:

This guy truly is a modern-day Shakespeare…

DON’T accuse your gay boss of perving on you:

I guess this girl wanted to be paid to do nothing…

DON’T complain about your hours when you don’t even show up on time:

Yeah Thomas. You dick.

DON’T admit that you’re only pretending to work:

Listening to Tears For Fears? Come on, they had like two good songs…

DON’T call your boss stupid where he can see it:

My mother always told me, stupid is as stupid does…

DON’T complain about having to wake up early, moron:

I guess she’ll be having plenty of lie-ins now…

DON’T leave your Facebook logged on where your boss can get to it:

Tsk tsk indeed, Trevor…

DON’T make Facebook one of the many web browsers you have open:

Something tells me she didn’t make it to 5 o’clock…

DON’T allow your manager to make you a laughing stock to your friends:

Anna are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Anna..?

DON’T you ever for a second get to thinking, you’re irreplaceable:

‘Now go ahead and get gone…’

DON’T showcase your drug habits where your boss can see them:

I don’t think he was able to come up with a good reason…

DON’T make plans when you know you should be working:

Jobs? Marty, where we’re going we don’t need… jobs.

There we have it. It turns out Facebook really isn’t for everyone. And if you think having your boss on Facebook is stupid, check out the people who really shouldn’t have accepted their parents’ Friend Requests.

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