How A Scary Prank From My Girlfriend Became A Blessing In Disguise?

I was going to propose my girlfriend for marriage

The worst thing about Hiccups — They can occur out of the blue at the most inconvenient time. I had them at the most inappropriate time.

“Any Guesses?”

I was going to propose my girlfriend for marriage when these exasperating hiccups attacked me.

Everything was going well; we had a nice romantic dinner, champagne and couple dance. After that we went on a long drive and I was planning to propose her at her favorite spot, which was near a river bank.

I stopped the car near the river bank and we both started walking. All of a sudden my hiccups began. My girlfriend bought the bottle in the car and I drank the water in hope to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, my hiccups didn’t stop and continued irritating me. The worst part was they were really frequent, around 3–4 hiccups every 10 seconds.

Then my girlfriend said “Let’s leave!”

I was really upset because my plan didn’t go well and I was dying to propose her for marriage. But, I couldn’t, just because of my hiccups.

After that I dropped my GF at her place and I went mine. My hiccups didn’t stop even after 2 hours.

My GF called me and said “I’m breaking up with you because you are an idiot.”

I was completely shocked and asked her “What happened all of a sudden?”

I was completely shocked

She said “It’s over.” The call disconnected after that

I was really depressed and after a few minutes I noticed that my hiccups were gone.

After 10 minutes my GF called me and said nothing for a minute.

After a pause of a minute she started laughing and said “Hiccups gone.”

I replied “YES.”

She said “Sorry Honey for what I said before. It was just meant to stop your hiccups.”

I replied “WTF, You almost gave me a heart attack.”

My GF told me that she read this remedy to get rid of hiccups on a website named TheLifeSquare and thought to give it a try. It really did work for me.

But, I was really heartbroken when she told me that she is breaking up with me.

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