It’s pretty normal for youngsters to get a hickey in the heat of the moment. Some people get it intentionally while some others get it unintentionally. You may have also got one and felt guilty after getting it. Isn’t it? Now, you must be wondering — How long does a hickey last?

How long do hickies last

Hickey or love bite is nothing different, it’s a bruise that is caused by aggressive kissing or sucking the soft skin typically around the neck. When you get a hickey, the blood capillaries around the hickey area will break. Love mark will torment you till these capillaries are healed.

You’ll have to hide the hickey from your parents to avoid the scolding or embarrassment in front of your friends or colleagues until your love bite is healed.

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How long do hickeys last if left untreated?

Many people have asked me this question out of curiosity or need. There isn’t actually a perfect answer to this question. Generally, a hickey will last for 7–14 days depending on the severity of the hickey and your body’s healing power.

how long do hickeys last

It’ll heal just like any other bruise you may get. The blood clotted in the tissue around hickey area will slowly spread into the surrounding tissue, disperse and will be dissolved and reabsorbed slowly. So, hickeys aren’t dangerous and will not leave permanent marks on your skin.

Although your body will heal up the hickey itself, yet you can speed up the recovery process by following some home remedies to get rid of hickeys. Sooner you use home remedies to get rid of love bite, sooner the hickies will be healed.

Concluding Words

After reading the article, you must have got the answer to your query — How long does a hickey last? Next time, be careful before your partner gives you a hickey. Don’t forget to share the article with your needy friends. If you’ve any query related to the topic — Feel free to ask us in the comments below.