One of the most annoying things in the world is swearing, only to have someone tell you not to swear. I can understand if you drop the c-bomb at your Grandma (cause obviously that’s not cool), but surely a cheeky little ‘fuck’ is alright? Apparently for some people though this sort of language is beyond the pale.

Have you ever noticed that people who don’t swear are self-righteous idiots? Of course you have, they are the bane of this planet. Stifling self-expression at every turn, these people would have us living in a world where we all spoke like we were in Mary Poppins, which is fucking madness.

Here are 11 charts that people who love swearing will understand immediately. Swearing is so fucking awesome.

1. Outlining your vocabulary to people isn’t particularly hard

2. Just because you swear it doesn’t make you ignorant, despite what people say

3. Swearing hits its peak at 6.30am on a Monday morning

4. Trying to tone it down is not healthy

5. Swearing relieves tension and makes you feel SO good

6. You never actually want to offend with your language

7. You also don’t care that people hate you swearing

8. The list of reasons why you swear is endless

9. Also, ‘fuck’ is a way more complex word than people think

10. Luckily your best friends understand your need to swear

11. Then there’s this…

Good for relieving tension, harmless if used in the right way, and utterly irreplaceable in modern society — swearing really is the effing jeffing tits. While I totally understand people not wanting to swear in front of elderly relatives and children, it’s not something that we should be harangued for. At the end of the day people, ‘fuck’ is just another word.

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