As a Saudi Prince, you might expect to be forgiven for accidentally thinking you’re above the law. After all, careering around the streets in supercars, eating in the world’s best restaurants and spending a milli’ on a single shopping spree are the norm. Yep — the corridors of power are lined with gold leaf. And amphetamines. Wait. What?

Well, despite his highly-privileged position of authority, Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz has been up to no good. The prince (henceforth Bin Walid) was arrested by police in Lebanon after he was caught with two tonnes of amphetamines on his private jet.

Perhaps Bin Walid was having a party in the clouds (I’m imagining “Castles in the Sky” by Ian van Dahl and a lot of lasers) though the authorities are pretty sure that those on board were trying to smuggle the drugs. The prince, along with for others, was arrested at Beirut Airport.

The private plane was destined for Riyadh, before taking centre stage in the biggest drugs bust in the history of Lebanon. Bin Walid and the other suspects were detained for “attempting to smuggle about two tonnes of pills and some cocaine,” a security source stated.

Amphetamine use is thought to be on the rise in this area of the world. The U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime stated in a 2014 report that this market is growing in the Middle East. There are no reports yet as to the street value of the haul. But it’s expected to be a princely sum.

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