Goal-based, Collaborative care: need of the hour for the Indian healthcare industry

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Gaurav Mishra (name changed), 46 yrs, works with a public sector Indian bank and recently got posted in the bank’s audit department in Southern India. As mandatory, he has to be in that department at least for the next 3.5 years.

Gaurav suffers from Diabetes, Hypertension and regularly claims of constipation. A native of Bihar, Mr Mishra had bad episodes of Blood Pressure spike and trusts a doctor in Delhi/NCR, who treated him 1.5 years ago.

In the past two years or so, he has consulted with 8 specialist doctors in Bihar, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, each hospital visit costing him upwards of Rs. 6000 (~US$100).

Gaurav mentions, “see, the real issue is that I am a working professional, and now my job requires me to travel extensively, work odd hours, stay in hotels across cities, eat food from hotels etc. In this situation, the biggest challenge for me to manage my disease condition. I was absent from my work for more than a month due to uncontrolled Blood Sugar Level
Gaurav further adds, “on most of the days I would forget taking medicines or eating food on time; sometimes I will experience bad bowel movement, which leads to a spike in my blood pressure. Not sleeping properly also creates a lot of issues for me health-wise. Now, every time I am sick, I consult a new doctor in a new city. He will prescribe new medicines or change the dosage or both… forget about the diagnostic tests I need to get done, which are expensive.”
Gaurav expresses his frustration, “But my real problem is… even when I am trying my best, why isn’t my disease (condition) in control? My family worries about me but feel helpless.”

This is not the story of Mr. Gaurav, every chronic patient you talk today will tell you the same story. 

One of the biggest challenges Indian Healthcare system is facing today is to deal with the chronic patients’ conditions. We are talking about chronic patients, who are suffering from diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Chronic pain (knee pain, back pain) etc.

As per PubMed (a medical journal), about 33% urban Indians are Hypertensive. Of these, only 42% are aware of their hypertensive status. Only one-fifth of the urban Indian Hypertensive population have their BP under control…

The need of the moment is ‘Goal-based, Collaborative Care’. Collaborative care refers to a system in which several healthcare providers work together with patients, their families/caregivers and relevant healthcare communities to provide ‘high quality care’ aimed at achieving a health-goal.

Collaborative care

Some of the characteristics of better healthcare-collaboration include:

  1. Leadership team commitment: A commitment from leadership to make inter-professional collaboration an organizational priority

2. Putting patients first: a lot of healthcare providers and institutions claim to be patients first these days, and a lot more strive to become one. Collaborative care thinking enables this thought process, and patients see the results in real-time

3. Level playing field: A level playing field that values contributions from all practitioners within the care setup

4. Effective team communication: many a times, different stakeholders of the care team, at any provider’s setup, don’t have communication channels to remain on the same page. That leads to reinventing the wheel in a case of emergency

“Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex,” Sanjeev Jha, CEO of BetterConnect+ says “effective goal-based, collaborative healthcare should bring synergy, efficiency and care that shall encourage joint participation of all team members with patients and families contributing equally”
“Late eating, excessive time spent on smartphones by youngsters who seem to be living in a virtual world instead of physically walking around and getting to know people personally, sedentary lifestyles etc. contribute majorly to the rise in hypertension, Dr Ramakant Panda, in a TOI interview. “High blood pressure or hypertension kills nearly 1.5 million people every year, in South-East Asia” adds Dr Panda.

A solid patient-centric strategy put together, along with better execution capabilities can result include improved quality outcomes, patient experience, patient safety and better use of resources at the providers end.


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About BetterConnect+

BetterConnect+ is a platform for providing goal-based, collaborative care to chronic as well as long-term care patients such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Ortho-pain, Pregnancy etc.

BetterConnect+ enables Doctors (‘Care Managers’) work closely with their chronic ‘patients’, set & monitor disease/condition specific GOALS for specific time period and ‘enhance the quality of care’ for their patients.

Chronic patients need continuous care from their doctors. As patients they need to share updates with their doctors, get regular care, consultations, answers for any clarifications and many more.

Systematic interventions ensure a timely action as well as better outcome for patients.

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