The tool we built to keep everyone in the loop at Basecamp
Jason Fried

Excellent productivity hack for #startups or small businesses. Everyone is so hyped with chat tools and I always wonder how things are just lost even after a day. Whether it’s Slack or Hipchat with Jira, even if the information is in team or group chats, you can’t follow it up later without digging through “not so useful” information in between. You can easily miss important and relevant content. This approach explained is simple and effective. The best part I like about it is the “Knowledge Management” without forcing people to manage it. We do this with our team at in a very simple manner. Created high level tasks for specific “topics” (not actual to dos) & just ask anyone to comment, follow the tasks. Anything that is an actual “to do” goes as a normal task.

Awesome article Jason

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