Vocational School and The Importance of Developing A Trade

Sanjeev Mansotra
Jul 19, 2019 · 4 min read

Vocational training is a type of training that takes students through a skill-based curriculum. Students learn the practical aspects of a vocation which equips them with defined competencies. Career colleges or vocational schools offer programs in a wide range of fields including healthcare, computer technology, skilled trades, and office management.

When students complete vocational training, they usually have the skills to start in the job with no further training. However, many individuals feel vocational school and training are not enough. Many will take up student debt to complete formal university training in the hopes of landing a white-collar job. So, is there any value in vocational school and developing a trade? According to entrepreneur as well as successful business owner Sanjeev Mansotra, yes. Here, he shares the five main advantages of choosing vocational school and developing a trade.

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Gain Hands-on Experience

In contrast, formal university education offers more theoretical than practical training. As such, someone coming from vocational school usually has a higher level of competence on day one on the job, than a fresh graduate who must go through further training. In this way, says Sanjeev Mansotra, vocational training’s extensive experience provides them with the skills they need to begin work straight away.

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Attain Specialized Training

Save Money

Sanjeev Mansotra on Maintaining Relevant and Current Skills

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University degrees are notorious for one thing — they do not tell you how competent a person is over time. If you earned your degree ten years ago, it means the skills you acquired then are most likely outdated. With vocational training, you can maintain relevant and current skills, whether you have a university degree or not. As industries move towards more skill-based competency tests, vocational training is becoming an important resource for those who want to remain competent and relevant in their current workplaces.

Earn A Good Living


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