Watching the forever smiling and smug communists like Karat and Yechury of CPI/CPM on TV during the JNU fracas is like watching a poor Bengali peasant trying to buy an Armani suit: he needs something to wear, and chooses an outfit that he cannot afford.

Karat's smile and smirch is a confirmed reflection of two telling facts: one, the age old Communist illiteracy and disdain for the concept of nation-state and the emotions of patriotism attendant to it; and two, the endemic Communist confusion and dilemmas about 'freedom'. Like the poor peasant, Karat and his ilk don't realize the baggage they carry is a luxury for the real-world India, which they alone do not own, and thankfully so.

Of course, it doesn't take even me more than a minute to debunk these concepts - if I deploy utopian axioms of how a borderless world is a possible panacea for bridging the bourgeois-proletariat chasm. But in a real world, the nation-state boundaries provide for real bulwarks against real attacks of real people on your real resources for your own real people. And for a hugely diverse nation like India, patriotism perhaps is that only powerful force, which can cut through the divides of race, religion, caste and creed to bind people in a common thread. Patriotism is not a utopian concept for a real India. It's an imperative social emotion that charges people alert against any impending or possible challenges to the sovereignty and freedom of the place they live in.

Indeed, looking down upon Patriotism only as an emotional recluse of the concept of nation-state - as the communists do - is logically incorrect - loving people of the nation-state is the integral part-2 of the definition of patriotism, NOT an alternate one as the leftists scornfully mouth.

The Left says that they don't have to learn patriotism from the BJP and the RSS - they have their own brand of Patriotism. To a wag, however, that's an unwitting confession by the CPI/CPM that they do not believe in Patriotism:):) Congress' antics over decades - and the Emergency - already stand testimony to the party's mushy commitment to nationalism post-Nehru. With purple-blooded Sonia and Rahul at the helm - and their reputation for leadership beleaguered consummately - they or their party is unlikely to be interested in considering patriotism a virtue.

When certain political leaders and political parties operate their politics with ideologies so vehemently against the very premises of nation-state, sovereignty, freedom and patriotism as the world defines the terms, why should they NOT be called fundamentally anti-national, and hence unfit for a democracy, for which nation-state is central?

How can we allow such outfits to remain included in the mainstream of electoral politics of India? Will it not be reckless of - and dangerous - for Indian citizens, to continue to repose trust in any shade, hue, or variant of such leaders and parties whose very value-systems and ideologies do not permit them agreement to and acceptance of concepts like Freedom, Patriotism, Nationalism and Democracy?

And just for their own sake, how can we allow the communists - and even the left-to-the-center outfits like Congress to partake in general elections, when there is no concept of elections in the Communist Manifesto or Das Capital?:):)

Sanjeeva Shukla