​Somehow, the term 'cool' has begun sending a certain chill down my spine, when we try using it for politicians. For one, I really marvel at their respective abilities to maintain their sanity despite the load of expectations they carry amidst the glare and dare of the spolights and the scanners. For another, I shudder to imagine what happens if these guys really get investing in looking cool, unless elections are round the bend!

To me, Obama is cool because of his apparently plebian life style and intelligence about issues. He's the well-read, thinking next-door types, who once lived alone and talked a lot to the walls. He's a great pitch alright. Clinton, on the other hand, was designed cool in every sense cool has been ever understood as - look, touch, feel, speak, style, saxophone... and even in his escapades, flirts, errors...and Havannas:):). JFK - Clinton's hidden inspiration, I thought - was not too far behind though, and he became even cooler in his death!

In a kinky way for some, Reagan was also cool too, not only for his Hollywood connection, but also for his Star Wars chutzpah, and his stances on migrants, taxes and Russia. He almost buried the Democrats without any epitaphs. If only America had more jobs than missiles during his tenure, Reagon's coolness scores could have well burnt the meters, and the Democrats would have never even whimpered again!

If cool is about performance, Clinton created more jobs than the past three presidents put together. And gave America its very first budget surplus since 1968, I guess. He made America less uptight about gender-benders and birth-control. Of course you don't forget Megan's Law, and expansion of K12 education, do you. Clinton stitched the Democratic Party back to health and returned to America a strong alternative to the severely anachronistic Republicans:):):) Clinton made America a headturner of sorts back again on foreign policy. For the rest of the US-abhorring world - he made America mean what it said - and mean well, and most of it palatable and happy. If only those two darn planes hadn't crashed into the twin towers right within two quarters of Clinton's exit....

Obama talks like a charm, shows vision, but is not thrifty on delivery. He's hassled, alright, but Clinton was hassled bigger time. We know he inherited a morass of an America from Bush junior, replete with a grosse budget deficit, and the hugest numbers below the poverty line in American history. But yeah, Obama has always been that cute underdog with a lot of charm, and a tinge of intelligent vulnerability about him. And his color makes most of us empathize too.. you know... we subconsciously become politically alert!! :):) It's become fashionable to like the dark-skinned - even more haute, to wear your liking on your sleeve...!

To me, personally, Clinton has always been striking for what he did, while Obama will linger for what he has been wanting to. I like Clinton because he's not attorney-like, and looks a zealous guy who's after getting things done. I like Obama for his intensity, and for those bombs he seems to hide inside, and which light up his eyes... That's the coolest, cool can get for me.

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