This 'pahadi' from the village Sattar in Chamoli is special, I tell you, if whatever I have read about him on the social media is true. He wakes up at 4.00 am every morning; does15 km of what is a strange half-walk, half-jog up and down the hills in Badrinath. By around six am, he reports to work. He waits on the tables till 11.0 pm in the non-descript dhaba-hotel Krishna. Dreaming for something...

His regimen was forced to take a break some four months back.

Blame it on Rio!!:):)

Yes, I hear the 25-year-old racewalker Manish Singh Rawat missed the Walkathon bronze by a whisker at Rio, pipping the 2012 London Games silver medallist Erick Barrondo of Guatemala quite easily, they say. Not sure, because I didn't see any news on him. Did you?

What will happen to him after he returns? The tables at the Krishna hotel of course would be waiting for him. That's the only thing certain. For a chap who almost turned the tables at Rio.

(@Sanjeeva Shukla. Adapted from blog-news)

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