And how to reach the same phase anytime

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Children can learn anything faster. Even faster than us adults because of a factor called the critical period.

Below we’ll see what the critical period is, what happens when it is active, why it stops in adults and how to activate it again.

The critical period

In neuroplasticity, the critical period is the stage when the brain is responsive to various types of stimuli. For example, learning a new language, learning how to walk, write, speak, etc. These all are difficult tasks which require intense practice, that’s why primary schooling is mandatory.

Try learning a new language in your twenties, and you’ll understand. You’ll quit if you don’t have a strict mentor. …

Especially if you don’t know how fast is your metabolism

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Running just after eating is bad for digestion. We all know this fact by heart. You also know the gulugulu sound in the stomach if you accidentally do run.

We also know doing any physically strenuous activity, in general, interferes with digestion. One typical example is fighting with your siblings.

But do you know what the hidden factor behind avoiding certain activities after having a regular meal is? …

We realise the value of knowledge after sharing

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I often run out of ideas nowadays. Whenever it is the end of the day, and I have nothing to write about, I read for hours to fuel my creativity. Anyone who enjoys reading knows why I choose it to get inspiration.

Reading does have its upsides. It is the most effortless flow activity, and in the end, you gain knowledge which is worth sharing. That is how I come up with something valuable every day.

Although it is becoming harder to come up with new ideas every day, I hope I will get back to it with practice. I’ve dedicated this entire month to improve my reading and writing. …

All I knew was it is rich in potassium, but that’s not it

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Banana shake is the favourite fruit drink for my roommate. It could be mine also, who knows! But I am lactose intolerant ( and fruit shakes have milk ).

Started as a pre-workout meal

I thought maybe banana juice also exists. We cannot consume some fruits cannot in the juice form. So, I take raw banana instead. I can’t compare with a shake, but the natural way is good enough, and tasty too!

Since the last one year, I am taking it every day as a pre-workout meal in combination with dry fruits oatmeal. Now I know why my workout buddies in college used to eat bananas on the way to the gym. …

If you can measure the progress, you can track the success

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What happens when you enjoy an activity? You want to do more of it without thinking about the outcome.

Reading is the most uncomplicated flow activity

While reading, the slower it is, the more you use your imagination to gain new wisdom. If you want to do the same with fast reading, there are different techniques. But I think when you read slowly, you get more time to think clearly. While doing at a rapid pace, you may need to read multiple times, if you have time.

Reading 3 hours per day has become my goal now. It is far from becoming a habit. I did not know I could do it before. But three days ago, I had around 50 Medium stories in my reading list. …

8 elements of enjoyment from a dozen years of research

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In the book Flow by Mihali Csikszentmihalyi, pleasure and enjoyment are not the same.

“Pleasure is a feeling of contentment that one achieves whenever information in consciousness says that expectations set by biological programs or by social conditions have been met.” — Mihaly C

That means living the Epicurean lifestyle is a life of pleasure. Attending parties, enjoying food, drinks and living a hedonist life all prioritise the experience of sensual pleasure.

Enjoyment is when people think more about why they are feeling happy:

“When people ponder further about what makes their lives rewarding, they tend to move beyond pleasant memories and begin to remember other events, other experiences that overlap with pleasurable ones but fall into a category that deserves a separate name: enjoyment.” …

Relax and see your words spread the wisdom after waking up from sleep

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If you love cricket and you’re not playing ( you know the reason ), you still watch the matches on TV, right? Well, my situation is similar to this.

When I was on a 4-week break from writing on Medium, there was one fear that forced me to respect my hard work over four months of daily writing — the fear of losing my followers.

Followers on Medium are important

Not followers, I would like to call them fans for the sake of excitement. If you engage with my blog by reading, clapping or commenting on it, my message has touched one more life.

Followers on Medium are not the same as Instagram and other social networks where they see a post and like in a snap decision. …

Like, learning a language or sport

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Children are curious by nature. They are more open-minded than the majority of adults because they don’t even know what “open-minded” is. If they feel something, they show it in the crudest way possible. That’s why they cry almost every day when they don’t get what they want.

They express dissent in the best way, i.e., through emotions. They show it in every colour. …

“All motion and no action” is a fancy phrase for chronic procrastination

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I was on a daily writing streak since day 1 of nationwide lockdown. I maintained it till day 125. After that, one sleepless night and my entire schedule went disturbed.

My last blog came on August 28. Since then, I am pushing myself every day to get my ass on the chair. I’ve been struggling for almost four weeks. Today is day 26 of my laziness. Well, not anymore! I am here now, with words.

So how did I finally learn the lesson to continue again today? …

Embrace the ups and downs to convert nervosity to satisfaction

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If there is an end to the writing journey, I don’t want to see it. I find the process itself so exciting every day that I compete with myself.

By acting like the person I want to become, I’m getting to the version of my future-self slowly. But it is like evolution. It is so slow you can’t detect any change at the moment.

Writing journey is no different

I am at that stage of my journey where I often struggle with emotional clarity about how to further progress in your journey. Am I getting late every day? Am I not putting enough work?

I ask this question myself every day, “Why don’t I write with the same motivation as I did in the initial…


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