A peek into the mind of a bot.

With a lot of buzz around bots, AI and the immediate future poised to adopt automation across many areas, it was just a matter of time that we came up with something that made it easy to understand how language understanding and deep learning works to automate customer engagement for increased efficiency, 24x7x365 availability, and generation of large amount of data driven insights.

Our first attempt at simplifying the handling of a typical user scenario for one of the businesses we are working with can be seen in the clip below. NLPBOTS employs more than 40 custom propreitory algorithms that process text input in real time, the video keeps it simple and focuses on a high level view of the underlying process of an interaction where the Bot takes on the role of a customer support agent.

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Breaking the video down:
A. The Bots’ understanding of the customer query, the lightning fast analysis that is done, the domain / topic related data check to identify the related scenario, which in turn results in a message with the relevant relative statement going out as a response, is depicted.

B. This is then followed by the next chat message from the customer; that is just a number, which is checked against the data related to the internal business process, to reveal an ongoing transaction.

C. What is interesting at this point is that the NLPBOT then does not just push out all the data that is retrieved here…instead the bot uses that information and constructs a response that is most useful and simple for the customer to understand.

This User Experience focus is what we believe is key to the success of any bot implementation in the area of customer engagement.

With time, we envision NLPBOTS leveraging its machine learning capabilities to almost pre-empt and resolve customer support requests. For example, The bot will know why a customer has initiated the chat as soon as the customer says ‘Hi’, and engages with something like “Hey Sam, I see you have booked a parcel that was supposed to be picked up yesterday. Sorry for the delay, however, it is scheduled to be picked up today afternoon at 4.” this is then followed by “is there anything else i can help you with today?” , effectively leaving the customer with an unmatched experience and a great feeling about the business. Any bets against assured recall and loyalty?..:)

For more insights into our journey, as well as general connects to share thoughts, reach us at www.nlpbots.com

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