The UX of Learning UX is Broken
Dan Maccarone

This article hits upon such a pertinent issue with skills training/education today….spot on. Its unfortunate that we see this recurring trend where a hot skill/area of expertise gets branded and put out as another on a catalog of items for students to pick from and make a quick career, without really understanding the concept at its core. I’ve recently come across too many youngsters who are starry eyed about UX, but are not thinking UX at all even after completing their graduate or specialised courses basically because the focus of these courses is the process of implementing UX tasks, and not on the understanding of UX itself. 
A key thing to change here to help bridge the gap, is to make it mandatory for a mid-term internship with companies, work on real world problems to understand the application approaches when it comes to the field. Then again, it all comes down to how those companies approach themselves.

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