Consciousness is at the very root of existence. It is because of that whatever we see around, exists. If there would be no consciousness, there would be no existence of anything at all. It is the Reality which constitutes all things animate and inanimate. It is always evolving and dynamic in nature. It is a dynamic energy behind all creation. With this conception you can easily perceive the evolution from Matter to Life to Mind. Consciousness is there even when it appears to be absent in inanimate objects. Consciousness is Chit but also Chit Shakti.

Normally we are not in conscious contact with the Supramental or Overmental or Submental. These higher levels of consciousness always influence our lower levels at a subtle level and force them to evolve towards higher forces due to the Force of The Supreme, the Sat-Chit-Ananda. We are not at all aware of these inner workings of the Divine as we consider our Mind as the greatest instrument of consciousness. As Sri Aurobindo says Man is in his self a unique Person, but he is also in his manifestation of self a multi-person.

Sri Aurobindo says there are two systems simultaneously active in the organisation of the being and its parts: a Concentric System and a Vertical System

From my understanding I created these two diagrams:

Our Being

Apart from the different parts and planes of our Being, our Nature has various degrees of concentration of 3 primary qualities or gunas.

1. Sattva -> pure and binds the soul through attachment with happiness and knowledge. When Sattva is predominant, human body radiates the illumination of knowledge.

2. Rajas -> Full of passion. When Rajas is dominating, greed and striving for selfish activities appear

3. Tamas -> Darkness and crudeness. When Tamas increases, darkness and ignorance increases.

How can we be Conscious 24x7?

The first step is to be awake all the time. To know that we are living, not dead. Whenever we breathe, if we consider this source of life as our most punctual friend of life, we must be watching our breathing, slowly increase our awareness every moment.

Integral Yoga is a 24-hour sadhana where we must maintain a concentration of our consciousness during all activities throughout the day. “If the growth of consciousness were considered as the principal goal of life, many difficulties would find their solution. The best way of not becoming old is to make progress the goal of our life.

We can increase our consciousness at 5 diferent levels:

Physical Consciousness: During the time of crisis, or medical emergency or important functions we get immense energy from within and carry out our tasks easily without symptom of any pain and suffering. A blind person gets some strong power within to develop his other faculties. Many practitioner of yoga or different religions have been seen to do impossible things in life. All this instances shows our body has some unique ability to expand its consciousness to higher level whenever required. We must maintain a routine of our physical activity, be it sleep or exercise or yoga n pranayam. We also need to conserve our energy by reducing restless and meaningless activities, useless gossiping /talk, and sex. How to develop Physical Consciousness: By constant practice of raja yoga, hatha yoga, pranayam. We can raise the conscious exploration of our consciousness even during sleep and dreams. If one is conscious of one’s subtle body, one can prevent the disease from entering the physical body

Mental Consciousness: We must bring the body under the control of the mind. We must use the mind as a mediating link by opening it to higher ranges of consciousness through Faith, Aspiration, Invocation or Offering. Our mind instead of moving in fixed narrow cycles of conditioning, comparison, judgemental qualities, must open to higher and wider consciousness. This can only be possible only when we are become calm, peaceful, still inside. We can invoke the forces of Wideness, Harmony, Strength, Love, Beauty, Delight and the mysterious and wonderful power of Divine Grace. Mantra, Devotional Music, Chanting of The Mother’s Name 24x7, Meditation.

Vital Consciousness: At vital level we must practise how to control and tame and quiten the vital by multiple practices: Playing Music, learning Art, Writing, Poems or Singing, Dance etc. All forms of art and writing are the ways to increase our vital consciousness to advanced level. We must learn to possess a positive but contagious peace which keeps things in order n in their place. For example, Sri Aurobindo used to spend 12 hours a day writing from 6 pm in the evening till 6 am in the morning, then 8 hours walking up and down “for the yoga”. During one such day a Cyclone ravaged the place. When The Mother entered His chamber, she found the windows were wide open and not a drop of rain had come in. The peace that reigned in the room, was so solid, so compact that cyclone could not enter. Divine demands a complete conquest over vital elements such as anger, desire, greed, sex and complete mastery over these lower vital elements.

Psychic Consciousness: The Psychic is a spark of the Divine which is there in all things and as the individual evolves it grows in him and manifests as the Psychic Being, the soul, seeking always for the Divine and the Truth and answering to the Divine and the Truth whenever and wherever it meets it. We must try to discover the secret soul, the psychic being present within us. This is the Divine principle/personality in man, the secret hidden psychological centre which is the key to our existence. It holds all the movements of our complex nature together. Once we know how to discover this, the psychic being can spontaneously bring the body-mind-vital complext into direct contact with the Highest Forces to which even the mind and life in us have no access.

We need to be constantly aware of the Supreme Psychic Being present within us, it should be the only instrument to guide us. It must drive us every time, drive our way of life, our living style, our entire connection, relationship with others and with our own Self. That is the Divine Spark present within us, Divine Light, The Force which is infinite, immesurable, and unprecedented Capacity.

Spirit / Spiritual Consciousness: The Spirit is the consciousness above mind, the Atman or Self, which is always in oneness with the Divine — a spiritual consciousness is one which is always in unity or at least in contact with the Divine.