Should you be skipping breakfast for weight loss?

Dec 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Breakfast is skipped by most of us however we are ignoring after effects of that.

To break down night fasting, our body require food to boost up our energy and get back to normal glucose level.

What happened to our body when we skip breakfast?

1. Breakfast fuels up our body with nutrition for the whole day however if skipped, our body may lack in nutrition and it has adverse effect on concentration power of mind. Energetic body gives us more confidence and it improves our decision making power.

2. Skipping one meal will make you hungrier and this will result in overeating during consecutive meal. This will result in risky metabolic changes as there is limit of food we intake, if exceeds it gets stored

3. If breakfast is skipped, then we are more likely to make unhealthy food choices before lunch. Unhealthy food will take us away from our dream of idle physique.

Best food for breakfast:

· Start with fresh fruit juice

· Bread with low fat milk

· Oats and cheese

· Baked beans and sprouts

· Egg and bread

Skipping breakfast once in a week has better results however on daily basis, we need to have controlled diet plans and should not practice the same more than a week.

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