Broken Wing..

In a murky forest in the south,
There lived an eaglet with a fleecy mouth,
On a bright yellow summer, when he was born,
All the eagles gathered above the field of corn,
As he opened his eyes, they smiled and sighed,
Some looked away, others fluttered and cried,
The sky was studded with silver ring,
But no one told him about his broken wing.

The tiny eaglet loved to run and chase,
Yet he could never match his brothers’ pace,
Sometimes standing at the west coast lake,
He would look in the water to see his heartbreak,
For he could feel his absent feather,
Like his skin had melted into ooze leather,
Indignant and fuzzy he was in the spring,
But no one told him about his broken wing.

Days passed and now the nights were longer,
Each day the eaglet’s yearnings only got stronger,
They told him he was not ready to fly,
But his heart told him he should at least try,
On a stormy night when the wind was fierce,
He screamed at the sky to break and pierce,
And marched towards the cliff like a king,
For poor eaglet didn’t know he had a broken wing.

At the edge of the mountain,he stood and sighed,
With anxious eyes, he took the flight,
The rustic wind caressed his crown,
Playing with him and pulling him down,
But the valiant eaglet was determined to stay,
Toppled and turned, but was not ready to give away,
The raindrops slowly settled on his face,
And it was late when he found he had lost the race!

And as his weary chest touched the ground,
He could feel the wet blood all around,
His breath was slow and eyes were dim,
For now he know he had a missing forelimb,
Little swarm of tears flowed down his eyes,
And now he could see beyond all lies,
He wondered what his life could bring
Had someone told him about his broken wing!