It was an year ago today that we first publicly announced Ballerina (0.8) at WSO2Con US in San Francisco. Since then we have made countless releases (every week now) and are on track to get it to nearly 1.0 level in a few months. You can get the latest release (v0.962) here:

What a year its been! We’ve written code, designed stuff, re-designed stuff, re-re-designed stuff (:-)) re-written code and (yet) made tons of progress.

The initial team has grown a lot now and we have probably close to 100 people working on different aspects of Ballerina. The core language is nearly there with a few more tweaks coming. We’re also incorporating a micro-transaction protocol (for service to service resiliency), making tables a native concept with LINQ-like query capabilities, and a bunch of other stuff.

The tooling side is coming along well too. The composer has evolved a lot now and has a better balance of graphical and textual editing. The language server is becoming more capable. The plugins for IntelliJ Idea and VSCode are becoming more serious with debugging also working now. The testing system and documentation system are being revamped.

New cool stuff is coming related to Kubernetes and more :-).

If you want to participate all our work is going on in this group:!forum/ballerina-dev. Be warned, we’re an active bunch. And lot of stuff comes with pages and pages of design documents that go through many iterations.

In addition to Prof. Frank Leymann (who’s been a key part of the language design from day 0), we now have Prof. Tony Hosking working with us to help tighten the language further. Its been a crazy fun learning experience for me — not only from these guys but from the entire team of passionate engineers who’re driving the future of Ballerina!

For me personally too its been a big transition year: I gave up my CEO job in September so I can focus 100% on Ballerina (and overall architecture in WSO2). After 12 years of having been the CEO I can’t say I miss it … I’m thoroughly enjoying having more time for technical stuff (and of course for the occasional political outburst). Tyler Jewell, our new CEO, has done a fantastic job and is doing all the hard work to run the company as well as to lead all Ballerina’s go to market work. The results of that work will hit the street soon ;-).

There are a large number of blogs that I plan to write about the philosophy and thinking behind Ballerina’s design choices and approach. A few more months of hard work to properly launch Ballerina .. after that I’ll write more!

I’ve learnt so much in the nearly 2 years we’ve been working on Ballerina. All of us have learnt a lot and our design meetings are intense, challenging and always a learning experience. I’ve had the incredible privilege to work with the world’s best team of engineers anyone can ever hope to put together. Happy Birthday and Thank you to everyone in the team!

I’ll just stop here for now with this: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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