I’ve been car-less for about 3 months now — didn’t bother to buy one yet after selling my last car.
H.N. Liyanage

Hey Hasitha! Yes I remember you :-).

Yeah I think its hard to be car-less yet .. Uber etc. isn’t yet prevalent enough to manage with cars only in Sri Lanka right now.

However if 3wheelers are an option then of course there are plenty around always (and they will generally have no issue with the dog!). We need a true peer-to-peer, basically free solution to help bring vehicles to people .. and paying 25% is not an acceptable way to do it. (PickMe charges less I think but unless its somehow mandated and inexpensive it’ll never work at full scale in Sri Lanka.)

Basically I view freedom of movement as a human right. We can be creative about how to deliver it .. everyone buying cars that sit idle most of the time is the LEAST efficient way to do it.

I was car-less for 3 days a few weeks ago (it was in the shop getting some bodywork finished) and understand the reality of not having freedom of movement (and that’s with me not having a financial constraint to pay for it). However, public bus during off hours is quite convenient: I had to go to Moratuwa Univ to meet someone and I took an Uber there and 2 buses back to Dehiwala junction. Its not hard to make our bus system MUCH better .. I think there are interested parties preventing progress there too. I’ve taken bus home regularly at night etc. and its much faster and safer and more comfortable than a tuk.

Again (I think), in Sri Lanka, for someone who can afford not to do it, taking a bus is almost as much a social challenge I think as it is to be someone’s driver.

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