IMPORTANT: *WHAT?!* you don’t know about EdX / Coursera / Udacity?

I just sent this mail to everyone in WSO2 and I thought I should post it publicly.

I was shocked, no SHOCKED, UTTERLY *SHOCKED* to be talking to a senior technical person in WSO2 a few days ago and to hear they had never heard of these places.

Um, been living in a cave?!

Children, ladies, gentlemen, PLEASE go *now* to these sites and learn about them. EdX in particular is awesome as its almost all free and have mostly MIT / Harvard content. I (partially :-()) took a bitcoin class on Coursera — totally free and taught by profs from Cornell and Yale.

This is NOT only for engineers. There are courses on law, on marketing, on finance, on spreadsheet modeling, on intro to aeronautical engineering, on ANYTHING.

Guys if you want to be successful in life you MUST MUST MUST keep learning. If you have no curiosity to learn go work somewhere else — but soon you’ll find it hard to go work anywhere as no one will want someone who thinks they know it all or (worse yet) know enough. No one knows enough and everything changes.


And spread the word — especially in Sri Lanka. This is an awesome resource for all those people who can’t get into a public university and can’t afford to attend a private one — now its totally on you if you don’t learn.

For you utterly lazy here are the links: