WSO2 @ 12 Years

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Today is WSO2’s official 12th anniversary. An even dozen.

This is a big transition year for us — for 12 years we ran on VC juice. Raise money, invest, grow, lose money, raise more money, invest, grow, lose money, … yeah that cycle.

This year we will be out of that cycle. After 12 years we will finally be a profitable business, and expect to be that way going forward. We’re finally a “real” business! Feels real good to be in a different mode after 12 long years.

I have so many stories from our experience that I really need to write down. I meant to start doing that at 10 but here we are 2 years later and still in the same boat! This year for sure ;-).

Going beyond being profitable, this is also the year of Ballerina. As you will see, we are going to be betting our future on Ballerina in many ways. More on that soon :-).

What an awesome 12 years its been. And its the people, both past and present, who have made it an awesome 12 years. We’ve never had a “dull” year or a “lull” period .. its always been from one hot spot to another. I’ve been privileged to lead an amazing team through such a fun, exhilarating, challenging, frustrating, maddening and just awesome ride. And I can safely say I haven’t lost a hair over it.

Here’s to each and every one of you! Thank you :-).

Oh and we’re now heading into our teenage years .. if you expected calm seas ahead then think again! Its gonna be one hell of a ride!

This day is significant for me in other ways too: August 4th is also the day I left to go to India in 1984 to go to the American Embassy School in New Delhi. I later went to the US on August 18th, 1985 to go to Kent State University. August 4th is when I started at IBM Research in 1997. Oh and August 4th 2001 is when I left New York to return home (arriving on the 6th).

Now its 16 years of adult life in the US, 16 years in Sri Lanka — finally even!