Half-Lived Dreams

While I dreamt of you
You gazed at him
While I cried alone 
And you wiped his tears

Can’t forget the last time
I ever saw your face
Even though it was years ago

It is still in my present

While I stumbled
And hurt inside
You were with him
And stayed by his side

I watched as you pass by
Not alone but with him
I then wanted to speak to my heart
But left it alone as it hurt

And while I fell
But you caught him fall
While you gave him everything
I lost something but all

And while I sat lonely on the wet woods
And continuously wept
You kept him alive
And so every moment i died

Because while you love him
With all of your heart
My love went unnoticed
But what i can do

One day the world will turn around
The very thing will change
You can change your ways
But love takes time.

So there is nothing to grief
Nothing to cry on
As the time swept away
But still i go on

Because no matter what I do
It’s only him you’ll ever see
There will never come a day
You’ll turn around and love me

Why this so complicated
Why this is so uneasy
So simple to understand
But not so to make one understand

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