The other side..

Heaven is for every one
It’s the most difficult moment
You can’t say a simple goodbye
To myself- i’ll nevr fall again
Will never give it to anyone

Till my life will end
There will never be another you

Complicated, hidden and unknown is love 
Open your ears and close your eyes,
It hurts so much,
But I can’t let go,
I breath in fast then take it slow

Frozen lies that created pain,
Tears that drop and fall like rain,
Hold on so tight like the sand in my hand,
But its only so long till you realize,

Lies that make your tender heart freeze,
It hurts so much but my love will never die,
As I walk away and I wonders why?

It takes a woman to make a man

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand
She took my heart away and let me go
She is like rose in the snow
I wanna be her sunshine
The sunshine to her life

Then she confessed something hard and real
Which I guess I knew that conceal
But her eyes were deep
I never knew that eyes could speak
Understood, which she didn’t tell

I guess she’ll turn back to me
She turned and looked at my eyes 
And heard her say goodbye with a friendly smile
I never say she is guilty, guilty for everything
There is a deep deep feeling and is just
And I know these tears will never dry.

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