E-Waste Recycling San Jose

E-waste recycling-A boon to community

Ever wandered what happens to the discarded and scrap electronic equipment in office? Why are you storing your long scrap desktop at your place? The phone you were using, why did you just throw it instead of selling it? Well, let us first know what is e-waste and then we will move further. E-waste or electronic waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage recycling or disposal are also called e-waste. The normal disposal and recycling of e-waste is not considered healthy as the countrymen have no idea how to do proper processing of e-waste and end up contributing to pollution.

What all include in e-waste?

· Electronic gadgets like TV, radio, telephone, laptop, PC, PCB, cables and connectors, refrigerators etc.

· IT equipments like hard drives, servers, etc.

· Car batteries

· Metals- all types

What is e-waste recycling?

E-waste recycling means modifying the gadgets to make it usable for the same purpose or some other purpose. Now, not only paper or plastic even your electronic gadgets can be recycled.

Why should we recycle e-waste?

· E-waste is hazardous for our health. These electronic gadgets contain harmful chemicals like lithium, cadmium, lead which when thrown away in environment becomes harmful for plants and animals.

· Many e-wastes are non biodegradable, and non-biodegradable substances take around 500 years to get decomposed.

· Waste management is easy. If we send all the scrap electronic items for recovery we would not have to store them with us for a long time.

Benefits of e-waste recycling:

· Electronic recycling conserves natural resources. There are many materials that can be recovered from old electronics. These materials can be used to make new products, thus reducing the need to mine for new materials.

· What you label outdated or scrap can be used by poor people, donate your scrap electronic items to NGOs or poor people for reuse.

· It creates opportunities for a professional recycler. Recycling is directly proportional to creating jobs for recyclers and dismantlers.

· Dumping all your discarded items requires acres of land that too in distant location. The cost of taking e-waste to that location is very high. Landfills of e-waste are harmful too.

· It is always environment friendly to recycle. It helps in reducing manufacturing of new material as we use the old ones.

E-waste recycling has created hope for those who have been wandering from a long time what to do with their scrap items. The government of India states India as an inventory of hundreds or tones of electronic wastes. This is because people do not know what to do with the e-waste. Awareness is required. To create awareness many startups have been establishing e-waste recycling to contribute to spread awareness and contribute to the society. Well, obviously these budding entrepreneurs are the boon to our community. Recycling in San Jose, California is also doing a great job. There is a great progress going on in every country to make it more eco friendly. Recycling company in San Jose is doing wonders in e-waste recycling. It has adapted to various techniques to make the city free from hazardous effects of e-waste. E-waste recycling is a very promising concept. If you still not opted for it, get started!