To strive

I’m a fan of podcasts. I think I’ve had the podcast bug for more than a year now. The roots go back to listening to Joe Frank stories, you can listen to some of his work there. I highly suggest Ascent to K2 be one of those you listen to : hard to pick a favorite from his works but I love this one specifically for its sheer craziness.

Another podcast I follow is the Art of manliness. Yes, the title instantly invokes images of a middle class working man seeking hacks to feel more “manly”. But I’d be lying if I don’t mention that I love it. Brett Mckay, the host, is a good hearted man who studied law and classics in college. He writes a lot about philosophical questions and decisions that affect all of us in our lives.

I saw this post from AOM today, and it got me thinking.

I realize I’ve been guilty of this. Thinking not of how to enjoy life’s daily struggles, but get bogged down by them. I now know better, a little better anyways. That striving is a part of life. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not going to find yourself completely. There’s something hidden in all of us we seek to discover — only struggle brings it forth. Enjoying the struggle is not battle half-one : it’s complete victory.

Carpe diem.

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