Jayanta Kumar Dey allegedly using Lakshmi Narayan Dey in the email id | At air port auth or ity of in d ia | Total found 36 , 120+36 = 156 numbers | kakoli.dastidar@sansad.nic.in | cp@kolkatapolice.gov.in | dcphqrshwh@gmail.com

Mayur Soti from unknown esoft india kakoli.dastidar@sansad.nic.inHR has been in touch in May June July just during and prior IPL 2012 to talk to me for some foolish reasons apparently an SAP Lab or an SAP broker hate this on his face via Vasudev Sawant a Marathi Manus

unknown and uncalled for his qualification from Ghousia college education trust in Bangalore fpr an AMIE certificate. kakoli.dastidar@sansad.nic.in

Soumya dutta gupta forced me joining to the art of leaving courses at Bangalore BTM Layout center stage 2 next to 29th main. kakoli.dastidar@sansad.nic.in

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