Nurturing and Converting Leads like Never Before!

Providing Relevant success stories will deliver 4X responses. Consistently following up with the leads at proper intervals providing him value periodically.

  • Continuous follow-ups for getting meetings
  • Follow-Ups after sending proposals
  • Cleaning up email addresses
  • Retargeting periodically
  • Sending brochures
  • Updating CRMs with reminder tasks
  • Reminders before customer meetings
  • Reminders for calling certain people
  • Reminders for connecting on LinkedIn to complete daily new connections
  • Periodic enablement of new sales to latest marketing material when they contact leads


  • No errors
  • No potential lead drops
  • No wastage of time on cold leads
  • Never forget to followup

To sum up No mundane tasks at all. Just focus on Closing the Deals! AI Sales assistant achieves these tasks with great precision!

  • You do NOT have to TYPE the emails!
  • You DO NOT have to specify how to follow up.
  • You DO NOT have to specify how many times to follow up.
  • 100% leads coverage.
  • CLASSIFIES leads into Cold, Warm and HOT.
  • Only the HOT leads are sent to Sales for closing.
  • She sets the follow-up dates accordingly for each lead.

All you need to do is just assign leads. And never worry about lower network growth, lead leaks, poor Sales pipeline, time wasted in repetitive training of new people, unutilized marketing material!

If you like this and would like to learn more stuff that AI Assistants can do for you, send us a note at, and we will contact you.



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Sanju Burkule

Sanju Burkule

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