The Morning Visuals

When I woke up today at morning I was hearing a lot of busy voices outside . I just kept a look through my window and I saw a dozen of students going to school while raining. I was able to hear their conversation and also their laughs with happiness . I can assume that those kids may be at the age between 9–12 . At this moment I was thinking how will be life of those birds who doesn’t even have a shelter to make their family close . After those things up on my mind I just took newspaper to know new updates. When I looked into I just closed the newspaper as nothing special is there other than those rapes and all that happening all corners of our country. I feel ashamed as as our country is in the list of developing countries, nothing has changed on the behaviour of people towards women. From older civilization to this era women used to sacrifice a lot for their living . Women’s should be respected all over the world . We know that in Arab countries they give much more respect and all towards women . This is why rape cases are too low over there .

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