Glasgow’s Hidden Art

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to show a few of my friends my hometown Glasgow. Even though the day was to visit the market we found ourselves exploring the street art within Glasgow.

The first mural that we saw was Jack Vettriano’s portrait called “Dr Connolly, I presume?” It depicts a wind-swept Billy on a storm-lashed coast. The 50 foot canvas was created for billy Connelly to mark his 73rd birthday. I loved how the simplicity of this mural was able to capture the storey of Connolly before he became famous, as a young man starting off at Welder in Glasgow shipyards — which is thrown from the background of the image together with the landscape of the sea but the use of the colour blue and grey makes it seem as though this part of Connelly’s life was perhaps a gloomier depiction of Connelly’s life. Though the main image however of Connolly it looks as if he is grasping for something new.Maybe a new adventure

Jack Vettriano’s “Dr Connolly, I presume?”

The second mural we saw was called “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” By Smug. The main reason I loved this image was because if you position yourself correctly it looks as if she is picking you up (as shown below).However I also loved the way that smug used colour and shading to make the image more realistic. She uses light direction as well to make the figure look like it is real. I think smug was trying to get out the idea on how we value other animals. She is looking through a magnifying glass and is about to pick something up which to me shows a representation of how we treat animals sometimes. The image of her being so huge and us so small made me realise how vulnerable and scared these insects feel.

“Honey I Shrunk The Kids” By Smug

Finally we saw the “Most Economical Taxi” is by Rogue-One this was one of my favourites because the images itself is fascinating I mean a car moving with the use of balloons when are you ever going to see that in your life. However the message behind was so meaningful as we can see on the left hand side there is a man with his phone out trying to take a picture of the flying taxi but it’s coming towards him which may mean that he is in for a trip to the hospital. This shows how we as a society tend to not live in the moment and look through our phones we don’t cherish the incredible moments in our life which could lead to bad consequences.

“Most Economical Taxi” is Rogue-One

Overall each mural showed a different perspective on life and when I am free I will try to explore more of Glasgow and it’s wonderful treasures.