Recently I was given the brief to find an alternative tourist attraction that isn’t well know and was to create a souvenir. Firstly ,as a Glaswegian I didn’t really know Edinburgh that much ,so for me this was a positive thing as it allowed me to become a tourist myself but my job was to find the quieter areas of Edinburgh that are just as exciting as Princes street and the Royal common wealth pool. When I was exploring the different areas as shown below, I started to talk to an older couple and they had told me that for them when touring around Edinburgh they wanted to just relax as they were on a holiday which was something that stuck with me throughout this project.

After venturing my team and I decided to pick one alterative that we all liked and we decided on the historical baths (swimming pools) that Edinburgh has to offer.The baths are relaxing and also have a historic background.As well as this within each building there are cafes and spas for those who can swim. After deciding on these three locations we brainstormed some of our ideas as shown below

Then created a final Idea which is described in the image below

After this it was all hands on we created a blue pool noodle from foam, then an orthographic drawing showing the dimensions of the final noodle and then the illustrations as shown all below.

After all this work this was a final page that described our whole project to the public.

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