Antiquity in the 21st Century

How important is presentation, really?

What do slides, pools, cards, and ships all have in common? Decks

Ah poolside lounging, shuffling card decks around for a game of poker, cruising on the lido deck… These are creations old in concept, but modern in use. But slide decks aren’t.

Slide decks are a relatively new concept in the way information is shared: infographics, tables, charts, varying amounts of texts. But with a generation of waning attention spans, it seems like having a presentation to supplement the verbiage is almost an archaic concept.

The reason

Slide decks now are holding the nonessential pieces of information. To be honest, I realized this in one of the many networking sessions that students from my university are privy to. These networking sessions usually start off with HR or a campus recruiting manager speaking about the superb relationship with the school, then how graduates from the school go on to do great things at the firm, then do Q&A with a group of five individuals at the firm. The presentation deck behind the HR/campus recruiter is propaganda for the company almost: it allures you with their logo, color scheme, internship requirements, and a 30-second video clip. It also has pretty universal information:

“We are looking for go-getters”

“Interns in our program are not only self-sufficient but inquisitive and hungry to learn”

We all get real-life work experiences— the work matters”

“GPA isn’t our only requisite, we need well-rounded individuals”

No matter which top Fortune 500 that was recruiting at school, the presentation lessons are almost the same. Students in actuality attend these events for the opportunity to speak with the recruiters in the hopes that they would remember the students and pull their resumes for the internships/job opportunities, not for the slide shows. So when did the presentation become nonessential?

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