Raw: #bevisible

a raw transcript of a #bevisible panel and talk

I’m currently being hosted at Microsoft for a session on female presence. Don’t be invisible. So in a funny (punny) twist, I’m trying to make this experience #bevisible for everyone else, because I’m learning a lot.

So what am I listening to? (if it’s in italics, it’s my internal thoughts)

There are 5 women with very established reputations. They’re saying not to say be invisible on social media. As a student though, I’m scared:

My future is so uncertain, one of the great things and not so great things about this stage of life. Do I go on for further education? Do I get a job? Do I take a year off to travel? Would the Harvards of the world reject my application because of my social media profile? Conservatism says yes. Will the Facebooks, Twitters, or even governments reach out to me because of a lack of a social media profile? #bevisible says no.

#bevisible @Microsoft: I can curate my image. This is the start of the open, digital age. You can control the image that you set for yourself. (In my head, I’m thinking if I am accused for robbery (wrongfully), would my curated social media image then save me?)

This is when the wonderful ladies of 5 dissuaded ^^ that thought. Running through all the hypothetical scenarios of when/how life could go wrong is the seed of insecurity. If you want to do something, then do it. That initiative alone is probably worth more than your future PhD/job. Don’t be afraid of the results that will come (like if 15th century physicists and chemists were able to wrap their head around the fact that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’, I probably can to then).

To be continued with a charged laptop….

Now they are talking about the issue again of digital image: be respectful, be kind, don’t be offensive. Those are rules that play both on and off the screen. Otherwise, when you are creating an image, create a good one. (so then create an image that you are proud of. That should be the case regardless shouldn’t it?)

Do what you need to survive. So now, what is survival to a college student? Have I even survived? Wait, what is survival?

Just be unapologetically you. Be assertive, not aggressive. You will see many, many people be aggressive. Women who are actually assertive, are labelled aggressive (thus, called Anne Hathaways, b*tches?). Don’t let that label define you. You are you, (Dr. Seuss moment, but then how can I be so unforgiving about my nature, my online presence, even my attitude?).

Conclusion: have a digital image, its necessary. Curate the image to fit you. But my age and professionally maturity might not allow it. Thank you so much, #bevisible, for an entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking conversation on internet semantics, forgiveness, equality, and technology.

Interesting: talking about online discipline now.

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