I F** up, I am so sorry!

This is a story of traveling, lack of sleep & an email.

At SynapsePay, before we announce anything this is what goes on:

I write a blog… :: lawson.baker :: rewrites it… Karen Paul reconciles it.. Hillary Quirk approves it. Then Stephen designs a cover for it. After obsessing over it for a couple of days, I finally write an email, BCC folks & send out the announcement.

But this time, something was different…

I have been traveling a lot this week and have gotten almost no sleep the last few days. It’s no excuse, but my synapses were not at their peak performance.. and I made a BIG mistake!

And as soon as the email went out… I got this

& my heart just stopped! All I could think was.. how could I have made this mistake?.. God please let this be a dream… but it wasn't.

I immediately started getting emails about my mistake. To my surprise, rather than scolding, most of you have been very understanding, and I really appreciate it.

Though sleep and stress had a lot of do with my error, it was eventually I who made the mistake & I am sincerely sorry for it.

Moving forward, just like other things at Synapse, sending an email will be handled by a machine instead of a human like myself. No more manual emails. Machines, you can takeover.