Multithreading is a very important concept in Java which is frequently used in Android. Before starting with multithreading, let’s understand what is a thread.

A Thread is like a separate OS process which can run concurrently with other threads. Now you may be wondering what is the use of threads?

When executing tasks in the main method directly like transferring data over the network the main method becomes unresponsive, if the operation is small it will be unresponsive for a short duration, it might even go unnoticed. But what if it’s a large data/object like Image, big JSON response etc…

Custom ArrayAdapters are implemented when we define a custom list. By default we can pass list items provided to us by the android team as a parameter in ArrayAdapters. But, if we want to provide a custom list with only two textviews, then the following steps must be taken:-

In this article I will be taking an example of Miwok app (taken reference from Udacity Android App Development Course) This app lists the English translation of the Miwok Language (spoken by Native Americans)

Let us first look at our Word object class, the gist of which is provided below (Comments…

Sankalp Chauhan

Final year student at Indraprastha Universty (MAIT) | | Currently working with GrapeCity Inc, Empowering Developers

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