A story a day keeps the doctor away…

We reach out for stories the same way we reach out for a cup of coffee or a banana muffin.

What if we need them in the same way? As a daily Psychological and Physiological nutritional requirement.

What if our body craves for the three act structure just the way it craves for a three course meal?

Writers like chefs work hard to cook up and serve these hot and scrumptious story-meals. But what if we are taking the same short cuts as most Fast-Food restaurants? Feeding people spicy, oily, processed and unhealthy food just to make easy money off them?

We know the consequences of such food, but is there any research being done about the consequences of such stories? Isn’t this diet of mindless Violence to shock the overly satiated palette of people leading to a cancer of consciousness?

Yes, just like any connoisseur of good food I turn to these foods now and then. At times when I feel lonely or an empty void in my heart and I reach out to such stories.

I found myself guilty of writing the same. So this article and the ones that follow are going to be me sharing my quest like a chef going through the meandering lanes of old mountain towns to explore ancient cooking rituals. I believe that our ancestors understood something about stories at a much deeper level? Maybe we still do?

They didn’t shy away from sex or violence or stories of revenge and hatred but somehow there was more. An underlying question of Dharma, of right action. Those stories left a deeper lingering after taste on one’s psyche.

The Russian Mystic Gurdjieff had said that Man isn’t born born with a soul but with a possibility of one. The soul needs to be nourished and developed by conscious Work and Impressions.

What if stories are a part of these impressions?

When I am scared that what I am writing sounds fake and boring and heavy. I see a deep need in me to write what sells. To tag this article in a way that it gets maximum visibility. I by no means want to be a self-righteous prick with a utopian idea of the world. The forces of fame and money are real and I by no means am against them. In fact, I love the good life. To be able to buy crisp fresh Hardcover books and read them at best café in town sipping Hazelnut lattes.

But what if there’s more? Maybe stories are also food for our soul? Maybe they form a new body? A new apparatus of perception?

The reason that I am sharing this here is that I wish to connect with others who feel the same. Others who believe stories are not just the fast food of our generation but can also be the real scrumptious meals served by our mothers with love and attention that shaped us since we were kids.

How must such a Writer live, act, feel and what he must pay attention to.

Working with stories to find meaning or the way the Buddhist’s called it: Satori: an awakening.

This is a quest into seeking and identifying those stories from all over the world and understanding the art behind cooking them. To questioning the role that stories play in our life. To get together and ask what if Stories shape Souls?