Game of Coins and SEC is about to Break Bad-ly. Be mindful.

Sankalp Shangari
Aug 26, 2017 · 3 min read

There has been a flurry of ICOs since January. 1.7bn raised so far approximately. Most of these tokens (coins) are Listed on US exchanges. Although decentralized exchanges like Ether Delta and Chinese like binance are picking up but no where close to the volumes and big ICO listing as on US exchanges. This is about to change IMHO (in my humble opinion)

The SEC Big Brother is watching. Rumors and whispers that one by one they will be coming heavily on US Exchanges of Altcoins (aka polo and Bittrex) who are trying to topple their supremacy. Game of coins is coming and SEC is a about to break bad (ly)

Few thoughts on this upcoming battle between SEC and altcoin exchanges:

Decentralized Exchanges

  • 0x and decentralised exchanges like Ether Delta will gain traction but they are slow today and will take sometime before they gain massive scalability and traction
  • Ox can donOTC trading of ERC20 and that in itself is a huge improvement. SEC cannot stop that
  • These Exchanges will have to improve. UI/UX and user friendliness sucks today. They will adopt and survive. Some will be come Nokia. Some will stay Apple.
  • It would be good to see more like 0x and build on us APIs and layers. Delisted tokens will flow here.

Big Asian Exchanges

  • Asian exchanges will grow bigger and better. More will come. We see a pitch deck a week with a new exchange idea.
  • Projects like Binance and Bittrex are cool and these Altcoins could flow there easy.
  • Fiat will follow which means USD to Asia — Japan, Korea, China etc. you cannot stop this phenomenon. Money is the language that excites us all and humans will always find a way to save money and make more
  • They could build some decentralized layers like 0x on top of their bases. That would be a killer


  • There is going to be a altcoin crash soon. Let by this super ICO hype and some regulatory action worldwide. Be prepared. Hedge properly Or get out. Mayweathers and Louis Suarez are adding to the hype
  • Some are dying. Some will die and some will come back. Nokia, remember.
  • Some delisted ones will gain more traction in Asia.
  • Without good marketing and legal teams, these ICOs won’t survive. Legal more important in the US now.
  • Hedge funds will make money as institutional dollars start flowing into alts. They have global strength and global offices. We know a few ourselves. They are hardly stressed.

SEC and other Regulators

  • SEC will try to stop. It will backfire and Fiat will start to flow out.
  • Other regulators and friends of US will try to do the same. That will also backfire.
  • Smart regulators and smart countries are already taking the lead. This could lead to a global shift in power.
  • Friends at Banks and other high places will like to take control. They can’t IMHO

Sankalp Shangari

Written by

CEO & Co-Founder COSS Crypto One Stop Solution

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