Top 7 Business verticals that can use RFID technology now.

RFID ( Radio Frequency identification ) technology has progressed so far, in fact the applications using this pinnacle technology has faced a steep rise. Using radio waves for automating certain parts of day-to-day life is finding new applications and better benefits. So how can you implement this awesome technology and exploits all it’s advantages?. Well certain industries are well paved for such technology and let’s meet top 7 of them.

1. Apparel & Retail

These days apparel and retail industries are going through trans-formative changes. A growing number of retailers and marketers are taking big steps to provide enhanced customer experience using RFID enabled technology.

RFID tagging & labeling can provide item-level visibility for almost all merchandise item. Increase control and intelligence throughout the supply chain — from manufacturing, to distribution through the retail stores, will help you identify choke points, improve logistics, receipt, purchasing, and shrink management processes.

2. Asset tracking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is the fastest, easiest & most efficient way to track, locate & manage government paperwork files, important documents & library materials etc.

RFID enabled Document Management System and Library Management Systems reduces labor, ensures that books are re-shelved quickly, shortens wait times and provide quick turnaround time. Taking inventory with the aid of RFID technology, takes only a fraction of the time required with traditional existing systems. Automation of library is also possible.

3. Manufacturing & Supply chain

RFID Smart labels can provide information for a number of applications in the manufacturing industry and supply chain management. The unique information of products, batches, cartons, pallets etc. can be captured automatically once the RFID labels are applied at product inception, and the information accumulated is highly accurate and secure.

Wide range of RFID labels are used for production & inventory control system, smart shelves — real time inventory, supply chain security system & logistics management etc.

Key benefits are:

Real Time Tracking of Goods

  • Real-time tracking of items, within the manufacturing phase
  • progress tracking facility & also between manufacturer to supplier till end point of sale at retails

RFID Smart Labeling

  • Monitor unattended inventories
  • Automatic item identification on mixed pallet
  • Real time tracking & locating of tagged items on shelves

Overhead Reduction

  • Track product shipping & receiving automatically
  • Instant inventory visibility or on-site via automated RFID Systems
  • Efficiency in error reduction effectively reduces manual labor/time cost of employees

4. Sports & Leisure

Race Timing Solutions are world widely used to satisfy the demands of endurance events of all types & sizes. Products like Marathon Bibs, Shoe Tag, Ankle Band and Bicycle Tag are designed for marathons, Cross- country, running, triathlon, mud-runs,cycling, kayaking, swimming, Nordic-sports, institutional and corporate sporting events.

Disposable timing tags enhance the quality of race for every participant by providing accurate race timing data and enhancing the user experience. The days of struggling to stand in long queues after exhausting races, just to write down or to have noted your bib’s information on an index card are long gone. Also eliminate the hassle of chip distribution and collection before and after events. The race-timing tags are recyclable & are helping races to become more and more Eco-friendly.

5. Traffic management & Ticketing

Using RFID system, you are able to automatically identify a vehicle as it approaches the toll gate or parking facility fast, allowing the parking system to authorize entry & open the gate, without the driver ever having to stop at signal or open their window. This not only improves traffic flow in peak periods, but also provides the customer with a safe & convenient way to quickly pay for toll or entering a parking lot.

Key Benefits includes:


  • Quick identification of vacant lots
  • Automatically records entry/exit data
  • Provides complete vehicle history
  • Automated collection of parking tolls

Transit/ Toll Collection

  • Increases convenience and safety with non-stop payment
  • Improve traffic flow and reduces commute time
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Lowers the operating-costs for toll operators
  • Provides the proven reliability and UN-paralleled accuracy of RFID


  • Smart management of vehicles in automobile manufacturing plants
  • Automation of car distribution processes to various dealers and locations
  • Enables low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment integrated with your existing systems

6. Access control & People identification

Addition of RFID technology to security aimed wristband gives access to a whole new world of possibilities, providing venues with secure cash-less payment transaction & key-less access to hotel rooms, locker rentals etc. RFID wristbands enable real-time linking of guests to their social media profiles & also assist in the collection of data for analysis purposes.

RFID wristbands enables better tracking & monitoring of an event/ race and also assist venues to streamline, their photo management system by synchronizing guest photos to their respective RFID wristbands, making viewing and purchasing, more convenient & fun. These are also used in hospitals in order to monitor the admitted patients.

Key benefits includes:

  • Faster & more convenient access control
  • Eliminate fraudulent use of counterfeit ticket
  • Healthcare Patient-ID applications
  • Enhanced user experience (surpasses 1D & 2D bar code products)
  • Reinforcement & a brand promotion
  • Assign unique identification number to each visitors

7. Ticketing solutions

Customized thermal tickets, that are more secure and tamper/ water proof can be used for any event. Some of the product criteria are as given as Entertainment Center Tickets, Sporting Event Tickets, Movie Tickets, Theater Tickets, Concert & Festival Tickets, Museum Tickets etc.

Some of the most utilized and preferred security features includes Invisible-Ink, Blind-Embossing, Bar-coding, Hidden Images, and Safety Center Papers, Hot-stamped foils, holograms etc.

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